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TellingBeatzz: Facts and Tips on Online Music Licensing

Just like getting a professional license to practice medicine or law, operate a heavy equipment, or to drive a vehicle, licensing is also required for covers, songs, instrumentals, and other forms of music to legally distribute, publicly perform, sell, or adapt them. You need to know the various licenses applying to music if you’re planning to use a song or a cover, or to perform it on public to save you from stress, aggravation, headaches, and copyright violations. Like trademark, copyright, or intellectual property, people own a specific song, cover, or instrumental, so you need to obtain the appropriate license if you want to use them for commercial purposes or live performances.

Are you in the stage of making a cover song? You need to be aware that there are two separate copyrights for compositions or song structure such as chords, melodies, and lyrics, and sound recordings such as audio file and master recording. Recordings are referred to as master rights, while compositions are referred to as publishing rights. Recording artists and record labels are the ones controlling the master rights of the song, whereas music publishers and songwriters are the people controlling the publishing rights. Just as like a building’s blueprint, sound recordings provide the necessary information like musical composition outlining the chord progression, lyrics, and melody which are needed to create sound recording. If you are planning to make your own cover song, as per United States Copyright Law, you need to secure a mechanical license in order to allow you to record or distribute a song that you don’t control or own. If for instance, you are using a prerecorded track, you need to negotiate and directly contact the record label and the music publisher.

You always need to secure a mechanical license if you are producing a recording of a composition you don’t own or control because this license will give you the right to reproduce or distribute and sell musical compositions in the form of sound recordings. If you want to purchase beats online such as royalty free hip hop beats, rap beats, type beats, trap beats, r&b beats, and instrumentals for sale, Tellingbeatzz is your best online music platform. You can purchase instrumentals via the beatstore and receive your files right away after purchasing. Your number one partner when shopping for instrumental licenses is Teallingbeatzz. Music can be used for personal use without license, but if you are planning to sell it, create something with it, adapt it, or perform it in front of the public, you need to secure the appropriate license for it. Get your music license now for the beats you want to use by checking on the homepage or website of Tellingbeatzz. Music is an expression and to avoid problems, obtain the right license for your music.

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