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Factors To Take Into Accounts When Designing The e-Commerce Front Page To Improve The Client Experience

When you set up a business, you are careful on what you put on display or how you arrange your office as it creates a good impression to your clients. The first impression matters a lot as it can land you a client or it drive your potential customers away. Ensure that your e-commerce site has god design of the front page as it creates a good impression to the website visitors. When you have a great SEO plan, you will get the best results if the front page impresses the users. Several elements need to be taken into accounts to ensure that the front page on an e-commerce website is beautiful hence drawing attention from various visitors.

Make sure that the front page of the site is simple and clear to understand. Research has shown that many clients do love reading many details thus the need to make your site simple to comprehend. Do not make your front page a dumping ground by putting too much information. Reduce the data on the front page as this will allow the client to stay a little longer on your site. The front-page design should focus on who the company is, and what it offers.

Ensure that the e-commerce website is easy to navigate to allow clients to find what they are looking fast. Before launching the site, ensure that you have tested the front page by taking the role of a customer. When you visit the site and discover that you are taking longer to get to your destination, ensure that the problem is resolved before you lose clients. The navigation bar should be on the upper side of the front page to allow the users to get what they are looking for conveniently.

Lead with featured items as this is the reason as to why the clients visited your page. Many clients will click on the view more links if they are interested in getting more details on the item thus the need to have the item displayed on the front page as this will make them to stay on your site and they may end up buying it. When you use featured items in the right manner; you will realize great sales and profits for your organization.

Use video on the front page of the e-commerce website. Placing a short video with information about the company will build trust with visitors as it humanizes an e-commerce firm and adds personality to the site. The featured products with video reviews are effective in achieving high sales as clients are seeing what they are buying in action.

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