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Beginner’s Guide to Using a Teleprompter

As a presenter, you do not want to disappoint yourself by making mistakes while reading a speech in front of your audience but in some cases, it is unavoidable no matter how perfect you try to be. You can get nervous when giving a speech on camera or talk to a large audience and this problem is not only for beginners but also experienced speakers. The essence of a teleprompter is to assist you to make a flawless speech similar to that of a professional speaker. The following are some of the things that you can do to help use teleprompter properly when delivering a speech.

Enhance the readability of your script – Remember that the audience pays attention to what you say and therefore, craft the text in a manner that it is suitable to listen and not to read. Therefore, you a simple language that makes it easy to read audibly. When you are reading the script, let it appear as if you are doing it effortlessly and you are not struggling to read what you wrote. If in any case, you might mispronounce specific words when they are written in their correct spelling, then it is advisable to spell them phonetically.

Choose a professional operator – To efficiently use a teleprompter, you need an expert assistance from an individual who knows how to operate the equipment. You might have the skills for reading the script, but you cannot do it when you have no one to adjust the teleprompter accordingly and thus, an expert who understands its operation will be helpful. If you are sure that the right person is handling the teleprompter, you will read the script fluently without any fear of disappointment. A skilled teleprompter operator can study your reading pace and adjust it accordingly so that you read smoothly.

Rehearse – Do not make a mistake of appearing in front of the cameras when you are not ready or familiar with what to read. Many hitches that you see during a speech delivery are always attributed to improper rehearsal. Practice leads to perfection, and therefore, you will not solely rely on the teleprompter to read the script. When you know what you are going to read about, you can read the speech confidently and eloquently.

Script readability – Make the script easy to read. You might focus on the words on the text but the audience is relying on your speech, and therefore, you must read what audience can hear. In fact, the teleprompter follows you and monitors your pace, and it is not the other way that you are following the teleprompter. Using phonetics can be beneficial when you cannot correctly pronounce certain words in their right spellings.

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