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Smoking has been existent for decades now but as much as the effects of smoking on people’s health are publicized, fact is the habit is here to stay. By chance we might have come across the smokers with some flashy looking cigarettes that light in fancy neon colors, well that’s vaping similar to smoking from a neutral person’s perspective. Vaping refers to the process of inhaling vapor that is produced from a vaporizer or an electronic cigarette. The vapor in an e cigarette could be produced from an e juice or could be made from dry herbs.

The herbs or the e- liquids have to be turned into vapor and that happens in a vaporizer which is an electronic device. To give off vapor , a vaporizer has parts that work in a system to give off the end product which is vapor, in the vaporizer one will find a battery , an atomizer, a housing and cartridges. In a vaporizer the parts have to work in harmony for there to be vapor, first off the battery provides power that heats up an element located in the atomizer, this is responsible for converting the vaping material into vapor which can now be inhaled waxy concentrates, liquids that are meant for vaping and herbs are the equivalent of tobacco.

Vaporizers are made to use one type of vaping material so that is to mean that one cannot consume vapor from herbs and consume vapor from an e-liquid an hour after from the same vaporizer. If however one has to use the same vaporizer to smoke two different types of vaping material, it is possible but by changing cartridges. The vapor is burnt vaping material which is usually in gaseous form. Vapor is sweet smelling and is very thick in comparison with smoke .

The liquids used to give vapor in vaporizers will contain two major substances that are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin , in addition flavors will be added and in some nicotine as well. E- liquids on the market are available in lots of varieties some are fruit inspired and there are some flavors with a lot of innovations to attract customers.

As much as vaping may not contain the chemicals that cigarette smoking does, it is important to understand that vaping is not for the under age. Compared to smoking , vaping is heavier and has more moisture in it depending on the vapor . Smokers have also expressed the joy in vaping where the effects on lungs and teeth is nothing to worry about when it comes to vaping.

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