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Uses Of A Spank Bench There are several types of caning chairs that are available in the market. Most these seats take on a shape of a table with a soft covering on top and over the kneeling parts for comfort. The height differs for this bench where there are those that are high height and others low levels. All of them have rests for your knees and body. A a standard bench that is preferred by many people is the two knee rests Many spanking benches have restraints for example when one wants to secure the bottoms. Precautions must be adhered to when using a restrained bench to prevent injuries. Excellent spankings may be achieved by using different forms of canning furniture. The benches are used for spanking as the name implies. Several material is used to give spanking on different body parts while the bottoms and the thigh is whipped on the spanking bench. You can also use the bench for other forms of play. Safety is the top priority when using a wax play. The hands and also the bondage equipment are some of the elements used to achieve stimulation. Several items are utilized to give good results like the slappers. They require a small room to initiate a beating and one need to focus on where they land. Other items used include, floggers, and whips. Shorter distances are perfect with floggers. A the strap is used for shorter distances but can also be used for variant distances.
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Ensure that the spankee and the spanker is secure from any harm that may arise from this activity. Research on any possible damage or injury that may result from using dungeon bondage. It is good to be aware of safety issues when using this benches. Raise a claim during the act if things are not going right.
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There are several costumes that are used during spanking. Exposure is the best thing to consider when choosing on a good costume. This fetish wears mostly tight fitting and are made using fetishistic materials. Humilation and submissiveness is associated with panties which are used together with rows of ruffles. A good position will help in attaining the best stimulation. You should consider the period the act of spanking will take to choose the right position. A a good position will enable support from a different perspective and to initiate a good spank. The spankee should be controlled by the spanker to achieve the best results. A change in position will help in achieving various results when done correctly. Generally, erotic spanking is the act of spanking a person for sexual gratification of the involved parties. The objects used initiated spanks on the exposed body parts for arousals.

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