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The Story of India’s Deepali Phadnis It’s no secret that every single woman out there, regardless of race, religion, nationality, or age, would dream of becoming a beauty queen. Becoming one isn’t just about ambition or the dream of prestige, but it is more on taking pride that she is beautiful inside out. But the unfortunate thing is today’s standards of winning a crown is dominated by the how small the waistline or slim the figure is. But in India, there’s one woman who is gradually changing all that. Her name is Deepali Phadnis and this is her story. Just like so many girls in the great country of India, Deepali grew up dreaming of becoming Miss India one day. Back when she was younger and during her teens, she had no problem becoming a prospective beauty pageant contestant because she was tall, slim, and full of big dreams. But because her family belonged to the middle class, the priority was always education.
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And while there was no stopping her dreams, one unfortunate incident happened in her life that would eventually test her faith and resilience. Back in 2006, Deepali met an accident that seriously threatened her life, but fortunately she only got a ligament injury and bone fractures. As a result of the injuries, she needed bed rest for six months, preventing her from doing anything else. Eventually, she no longer could do any physical activity, leading her to gain more than 20 kilograms in that six-month span.
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Nevertheless, Deepali never lost hope, thanks to the support of her family and her special one, Devadatta Mahapatra, who took it upon himself to motivate her. Even if it took about four years for her to finally get back into shape, she was so persistent in doing it with one thing in mind – reach her dream of becoming a beauty queen. But this time, she no longer could compete for Miss India since she decided to tie the knot with Devadatta. Quite surprisingly, even the change of her civil status didn’t become a hindrance in fulfilling her dream. With her husband on her side, Deepali decided to audition for Mrs. India beauty pageant. She joined the pageant to not just prove to herself that she can do it, but to actually win it. And boy she did it, winning the 2011 Mrs. India International – Chennai crown, which eventually gave her the ticket to join and win Mrs. Asia International. With her amazing achievement and the fact that she had to endure so many obstacles along the way, Deepali Phadnis has effectively established herself as a beauty icon in her country. Aside from being one of the most prominent beauty figures in India, Deepali also dedicates herself in raising and spreading awareness against diabetes and the pros of keeping oneself healthy. She is the perfect example of woman empowerment in modern day India.

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