Sony Announces New Series of God of War

New Series God of War

Gamers are curious about God of War finally tertuntaskan already. Through the event the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Sony Computer Entertainment officially announced that the latest series God of War is in development.

At the press conference, Sony then play a video trailer featuring gamepay of the latest God of War. Video trailer with a long duration, which was opened with a nine-minute scene where Kratos and his son named Charlie was hunting deer in the snowy woods.

Instead of deer encountered, Kratos now has a long beard was blocked by a crowd of enemies, ranging from medium to gigantic. This is where Kratos looks diligently to teach his son to hunt and fight.

As can you see by the video below, the brand-new series God of War offers an element of role-playing games (RPGs), such as points for knowledge of archery, up to Spartan Rage ability when used to fight.

And from the title, is not sure whether the future will be titled God of War 4 as crowded rumored some time ago. However, as the rumored latest God of War will carry the story of Norse mythology, as in the previous series used Greek mythology.

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